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Welcome to project32... I've decided to put this site together to document my build up from a very stock 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T into whatever it ends up becoming. On here you'll find some various photos, bits and pieces and maybe the occasional useful thing such as some tutorials on how to do things. Part of the goal is to show how easy it is to do things yourself, and learning along the way is much more interesting than paying somebody else to do it.

p.s. Don't hassle the design as I do enough websites for my work, this is for fun - therefore design time spent = 5mins :-p

-Gordon, 20th December, 2004

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  March 13th, 2006
RB25 goes in!

Spent a few hours hooking up some of the stray hoses on the rb25, and also transferring the highflow turbo and some of the other ancilaries. The rb20 engine mounts were used on the new engine, as this aligns the engine correctly in the r32 engine bay.

We attached the rb20 manual gearbox to the back of the engine to make it easier to lift in as one unit with the engine crane.

Lifting it in as one piece wasn't too difficult, and there were no dramas once everything was in place. Once the engine was in, it was simply a matter of tightening the engine mounts, and it was in place.

The whole process took most of the weekend, but now its all in its a pretty good feeling! and everything looks like a natural fit with the rb25det in place. Almost like the way it should be from the factory :-)

Now the fiddly bits lie ahead, such as putting the tailshaft back in, doing up the gearbox crossmember, replacing a few missing hoses, and putting in all new fluids.

The final step will probably be the trickiest one, and that is getting all the wiring sorted, and getting the engine to work off the rb25 loom and rb25 ecu, in the r32 body.

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  March 12th, 2006
RB20 comes out of car

Hired an engine crane over the weekend, and finally removed the rb20. Wasn't too difficult to actually take out, as had already removed the gearbox, and the things such as the radiator - so just came out pretty easily. The whole engine out process probably took about an hour.

Once the engine was out, it was a good chance to clean up some 15 years of dirt, and paint over a few scratches and nicks. As you can see in the bottom shot, its hell messy, but starting to look a lot cleaner. The difference is suprising once the engine goes back in, just the smaller details. It took a few hours scrubbing, and with the degreaser, but came up quite well in the end.

Next process was transferring across the turbo, and a few of the hoses, etc to the RB25, so I could drop that in the next day.

You can see in the top photo the poor old RB20, looking a bit forlorn and old sitting out of the car there. Have decided to sell it off as individual parts, so that engine will never be driving again.

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  March 7th, 2006
Intake Manifold Removal

Today I took off the intake manifold, as somebody was interested in part of the manifold. Also it wasn't a bad idea to get it out the way to help get the engine out a bit easier.

Removal of the manifold showed what I had been expecting in a way, a fair bit of oil in there. The more boost I had been running, it had started to push oil past the piston rings, the sign of a worn engine. Taking out the rb20det, and replacing it with a fresher rb25det looks to probably be at a good time - before the old engine had packed it in.

With everything ready, this weekend will also be when I actually take out the remains of the rb20, and put in the rb25, gearbox and all. I've booked an engine crane from a place locally to be able to lift everything up and in. So everything is finally coming together.

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  March 5th, 2006
Clutch installed

On Thursday I got a message to say my clutch came in, so picked that up eagerly on Friday. The clutch was pretty much the last major part needed, and meant that everything could proceed to the next step of installing it all, and putting the rb25 engine in. Also on Friday the clutch fork arrived, which I had also been waiting on for a couple of weeks.

The clutch I decided to go with was an Xtreme Cushioned Ceramic Clutch with an 800kg pressure plate. The reason I went for this clutch, rather than a few other options was that it should be good for a fair amount of power, whilst being not as savage as some other clutches. It should allow up to 400rwhp / 300rwkw without giving up. Also the cushioned version I thought would be a bit easier on the gearbox than the straight button version. Seeing as I am using an RB20DET gearbox to start with, I thought it might be a good idea to get something that would be a little softer on the gearbox. Will see whether that is true or not in the next few months :-)

Installation was pretty easy outside the car, and the next step is really just bolting up the gearbox, and fitting the lot as one unit.


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