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Welcome to project32... I've decided to put this site together to document my build up from a very stock 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T into whatever it ends up becoming. On here you'll find some various photos, bits and pieces and maybe the occasional useful thing such as some tutorials on how to do things. Part of the goal is to show how easy it is to do things yourself, and learning along the way is much more interesting than paying somebody else to do it.

p.s. Don't hassle the design as I do enough websites for my work, this is for fun - therefore design time spent = 5mins :-p

-Gordon, 20th December, 2004

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  January 4th, 2006
A new year for Project32

Well on the start of the new year I thought I'd just reflect on some things. Has nearly been a year since the car was first registered, and over a year since it first landed at my door. Seems much longer in my mind, but it's really not that long.

Things are coming together pretty much to plan, and the car is starting to look a bit better now than it did originally, although still maintains a fairly low-key appearance. Handling and performance is a fair way ahead of how it first arrived and most things are in place ready for more power.

I'm getting pretty bored of the ol' RB20det now, and the auto combination is really hitting the limits of what more can be done easily. I'm starting to now collect the final little bits and pieces for the full RB25DET engine swap, and manual conversion. Looking to start that in a month or two when have some more money together. That will mean I have to take the car off the road for 2-3 weeks but hopefully shouldn't be to long before its back out there again.

Also planning on getting some R34 GTT rims powdercoated, and fitted when the existing tyres on the stock 16" rims are nearly gone. They've been sitting there for a couple of months, and would like to get them on sometime in the first half of the year. Should make a big difference to the overall look of the car.

After the 2.5L engine/manual conversion has gone in, no doubt that will keep me occupied for a while. After that, towards the end of the year may look at some more of the visual items, such as getting a full bodykit, some interior details, and possibly a respray. Not really a priority at the moment, as the main goal with the car has always been driveability and performance over looks.

So anyhow, here's to another year and what lies ahead!


  January 6th, 2006
Rear Whiteline Springs

After in December, fitting the front springs, it was time to get off my ass and do the rear springs as well, that have been sitting here since then.

Process wasn't too difficult, just time consuming and lot of stuffing around in the heat. You can see the difference between the factory rear spring/shock setup (black), and the new ones in the photos.

Took the car for a short drive afterwards. Initial impressions are that the whole car feels a bit firmer, and everything is a lot more 'balanced' in cornering. There is definitely a lot less bounce from the rear, and that is where you tend to notice it most when driving.

Now with the full Bilstein + Whiteline combo for the suspension, might be time to look at front and rear swaybars sometime in the year to complete the package.

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