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Welcome to project32... I've decided to put this site together to document my build up from a very stock 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T into whatever it ends up becoming. On here you'll find some various photos, bits and pieces and maybe the occasional useful thing such as some tutorials on how to do things. Part of the goal is to show how easy it is to do things yourself, and learning along the way is much more interesting than paying somebody else to do it.

p.s. Don't hassle the design as I do enough websites for my work, this is for fun - therefore design time spent = 5mins :-p

-Gordon, 20th December, 2004

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August 21st, 2006

Project32 on hold for a few months

As you've probably noticed, no updates for quite a while. Basically this is because any work on the car is on hold, and will be for a couple of months. Paying back some past debt right now, so can't spend too much money on things such as cars at the moment, and have a few other things to worry about.

Car is still running fine, but needs a few minor things attended to. At the moment doesn't get driven much, the speedo cable snapped a few weeks ago, and the rear tyres need replacing (and get rid of those crappy Nangkangs) I still want to continue work on the car next year, when have a bit more money to throw at things.

Looking back a fair bit was done in a pretty short period of time, so a bit of a break isn't a bad thing - so can come back with a new focus.

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