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Welcome to project32... I've decided to put this site together to document my build up from a very stock 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T into whatever it ends up becoming. On here you'll find some various photos, bits and pieces and maybe the occasional useful thing such as some tutorials on how to do things. Part of the goal is to show how easy it is to do things yourself, and learning along the way is much more interesting than paying somebody else to do it.

p.s. Don't hassle the design as I do enough websites for my work, this is for fun - therefore design time spent = 5mins :-p

-Gordon, 20th December, 2004

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  May 6th, 2006
New Rims Fitted.. Test drives

The car is all back together now.. and just a few minor things to finish with putting back together the interior.

Have taken it for a few test drives around the area. Everything is running pretty well for the most part, and the car is pulling pretty well to red-line. There is some flatness in power mid-range, and a lot of richness, probably due to the knock sensors wiring needing some further work to be hooked up properly (which causes the ecu to go into safety mode and retard timing and richen up the mixtures). Will try and sort this out next few days. But pretty much it's fine to drive around.

Also a couple of weeks ago picked up some new 17" rims. I picked up a good deal from rims off a V35 skyline (the current model skyline in Japan). Haven't seen these before on an R32. The rims came with cheap ass tyres, and needed to pickup a set of new front tyres in a better profile as the front ones rubbed on the front control arms.. ended up going for some Goodrich g-force sports in 235/45R17's to save a bit of money. Might get some more suited tyres and/or rims for the track later on.

Took a couple of photos tonight, and as you can see the car is still filthy :-) The rims fill the guards pretty well, although the whole car could do with a bodykit to make the overall profile a bit lower.


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