The new car.. R32 GTR

It was hard to give up the R32 altogether as I still love the shape and the driving feel, and hence I decided to move to the top of the range at the time, the R32 GTR.. which has the ATTESA AWD system (usually RWD, however when lack of grip is detected, power is transferred to the front wheels), twin turbo, and the slightly large 2.6L engine.

The GTR’s can be expensive to run and maintain, but they start with a lot more power, and 300kw at the wheels is not too difficult with the stock engine and drivetrain.

It is quite a different experience to driving the old R32.. in some ways it doesn’t “feel” as fast as it revs a bit slower, and boost comes on a bit slower, but when it moves, it really halls some arse. Due to the ATTESA system, you can also power out of corners much faster, without having to worry about the tail letting go. The phenomenal grip is really what separates the GTR from the GTS-T probably more than anything.

This one had a clean body, and the engine compression checked out very well, meaning it should be a good base to start from. Just like the old R32, a few things are a bit rough, and need attention, but over the next few years I hope to fix up the small things, and have a very fast street car, that can also do some track days now and then.

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