Project32 sold!

Yes, project32 was sold today..

A good deal came up on another car I was interested in, and somebody was keen on taking the R32 for an reasonable price.. so it is gone..

It has been a long time between updates, not much was changed in that time as was fairly happy with the car as it was.. A few weeks before it was sold installed Whiteline front and rear swaybars, which made a big improvement to the overall handling. Probably one of the best handling upgrades I had done, other than the suspension.

Looking back, have owned the car for nearly 5 years, and it was a long journey.. A lot of hours were spent, and there was probably a lot more I could have done, but to be honest, I was becoming a bit bored of it, and didn’t want to spend too much more time or money on it.

This site will remain as an archive, and I may choose to update things with the new car.. which is still an R32, this time the top of the Skyline range of the time, an 1992 R32 GTR.

Here are some final photos taken a few days before it was sold.

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