Bought an LS400.. goodbye Pulsar

Well, paid of the R32, and decided I was bored of the Pulsar I was driving a lot of the time.. Bought a 1991 Lexus LS400 to drive daily, and sold the Pulsar for $1600 :-) The Lexus is very comfortable to drive, and makes a good complement to the Skyline, which stays for when I want to have fun.

The LS400 is a v8 with around 190kw, so drives fairly nicely. It’s quite heavy so it’s no big performance machine, but no slouch either. It needs a few minor things attended to, but overall – it definitely feels like the best car I’ve driven. At a price of around $AUD120,000 new (worth about 1/10 of that now), you’d hope so too :)

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