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Yes, I’m still alive! Just upgraded the blog, and doing some house-keeping.

Still own the R32 Skyline GTR, and intend to do so for a while, but have been too busy with many other things to do much lately. Here is a recent pic I took after I spent quite a few hours cleaning up behind the front bar, and installing the proper front lip. Result comes up pretty nicely.

The new car.. R32 GTR

It was hard to give up the R32 altogether as I still love the shape and the driving feel, and hence I decided to move to the top of the range at the time, the R32 GTR.. which has the ATTESA AWD system (usually RWD, however when lack of grip is detected, power is transferred to the front wheels), twin turbo, and the slightly large 2.6L engine.

The GTR’s can be expensive to run and maintain, but they start with a lot more power, and 300kw at the wheels is not too difficult with the stock engine and drivetrain.

It is quite a different experience to driving the old R32.. in some ways it doesn’t “feel” as fast as it revs a bit slower, and boost comes on a bit slower, but when it moves, it really halls some arse. Due to the ATTESA system, you can also power out of corners much faster, without having to worry about the tail letting go. The phenomenal grip is really what separates the GTR from the GTS-T probably more than anything.

This one had a clean body, and the engine compression checked out very well, meaning it should be a good base to start from. Just like the old R32, a few things are a bit rough, and need attention, but over the next few years I hope to fix up the small things, and have a very fast street car, that can also do some track days now and then.

Project32 sold!

Yes, project32 was sold today..

A good deal came up on another car I was interested in, and somebody was keen on taking the R32 for an reasonable price.. so it is gone..

It has been a long time between updates, not much was changed in that time as was fairly happy with the car as it was.. A few weeks before it was sold installed Whiteline front and rear swaybars, which made a big improvement to the overall handling. Probably one of the best handling upgrades I had done, other than the suspension.

Looking back, have owned the car for nearly 5 years, and it was a long journey.. A lot of hours were spent, and there was probably a lot more I could have done, but to be honest, I was becoming a bit bored of it, and didn’t want to spend too much more time or money on it.

This site will remain as an archive, and I may choose to update things with the new car.. which is still an R32, this time the top of the Skyline range of the time, an 1992 R32 GTR.

Here are some final photos taken a few days before it was sold.

Hicas removal

Finally got around to doing this over the weekend, and installed the HICAS bar, and removed the HICAS system from the car. Why do people do this? HICAS is a rather simple system, installed on pretty much all R32’s (hydraulic) and R33 (electric) to help the car corner at higher speeds. It works by having a small steering rack at the back of the car, which gives the back wheels a few degrees movement at speeds above around 70km/hr, to help the car corner a bit better. In some cases this can actually hinder expected behavior, with the computer deciding where to point the back wheels rather than the driver.

This is fine for joe public, but for race-use it’s an often removed item. Also in my car, I believe it was playing up, another good reason to have it removed.

Basically the process involves removing this rear rack, replacing it with a solid bar to take the place of this rack, and removing all associated piping and solenoids (used to regulate the fluid pressure) from the car. As a bonus it saves space, and also weight.
It took nearly a full day in the end, but the results should be worth it. Removing the hicas removes some 15kg as well, and added complexity which is not needed in the steering system.

Hicas in place - rear
Hicas removed.. rear system

More small bits

Also last week, picked up a HICAS lock bar to lock out the rear steering rack, which I think is giving me some problems at higher speed with vibration in the car. Details will come when I get around to installing it in a couple of weekends time.

A proper GTR bonnet latch is also on it’s way so I can get a proper close with the bonnet and move it towards a proper GTR front. The GTS-T one I modified slightly to get to fit, but it’s not ideal.

Oh, and I’m buying a set of R34 GTT rims to replace the V35 ones  which I should be picking up sometime this week :) After that I’ll be getting some proper semi-slicks for the rear to help get the grip down on the ground.
So a few things in the pipeline!

Bought an LS400.. goodbye Pulsar

Well, paid of the R32, and decided I was bored of the Pulsar I was driving a lot of the time.. Bought a 1991 Lexus LS400 to drive daily, and sold the Pulsar for $1600 :-) The Lexus is very comfortable to drive, and makes a good complement to the Skyline, which stays for when I want to have fun.

The LS400 is a v8 with around 190kw, so drives fairly nicely. It’s quite heavy so it’s no big performance machine, but no slouch either. It needs a few minor things attended to, but overall – it definitely feels like the best car I’ve driven. At a price of around $AUD120,000 new (worth about 1/10 of that now), you’d hope so too :)

New GTR Front Bar

Just picked up a genuine GTR front bar at a good price.. As opposed to the unevenly cut stock bar (which never really was designed to fit a FMIC), this one is from an R32 GTR and will fit a lot better. It’s also plastic which is stronger and more flexible to last many years, and can be wrapped around to fit a GTS-T. At some point, I’ll get it all painted and fitted.

This should complete the GTR look for the front end, and once the sideskirts are fitted, and everything painted, should give a very different look to the car.

GTR Front bar - unpainted

New Starter Motor

rb20 vs rb25 Starter MotorHad to fit a new starter motor as the other one was having trouble starting the car, and draining the battery. After buying a new battery and putting it in, and checking the alternator – this left one thing as the possible cause, the starter.
Just thought I’d post up the differences between an actual r33 vs r32 starter as I took a photo before I put it in. They are both interchangeable and work the same, but interestingly the R33 starter is actually a bit smaller.

Dash globes

Bought some pretty nifty LED globes to replace the default globes..Took about 20minutes to install, and required pulling the cluster out, but the results were pretty impressive. Not bad for $25..

Things probably look a bit better than the photos suggest as well.

Interior Shot #2

Interior Shot #1

Interior work

A few months ago I bought a new steering wheel and boss kit, and also some aftermarket pedals. The interior is starting to look a fair bit different since I got it way back in late 2004. Still a few things need tidying up, and need to replace the old leather from the
handbrake and gear-shifter at some point as it’s pretty rough.

Interior Shot

Interior Shot #2

Here is a shot of when the car first arrived, as a bit of a comparison …

Interior when arrived

my r32 skyline gts-t build